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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Pollen shade in my eyes

My eyes are dull and lifeless because of him, and how do you expect me to let him come in?

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Ainkurunooru 34 - Sung by Orampogiyaar
This Marutham thinai poem depicts the words said by the heroine to her friend. Its one out of the ten poems named as 'Thozhikuraitha pathu' meaning 'ten songs said to the friend'.

amma vaazhi thozhi nammoor
poikai pootha puzhaikkaal aampal
thaadhu er vannam kondana
edhilaalarku pasantha enkanne

For the original poem and explanation in Tamil, please click here, புழைக்கால் ஆம்பல்.

Poem Meaning: Listen, dear friend!  Water lilies with stems having inner air holes, blossom in our town's pond. Because of his unfaithfulness, my eyes have become dull taking the color of those water lilies' pollen.

Description: The hero has been disloyal to the heroine and now wants to come and see the heroine. Either the hero comes himself or sends someone seeking the heroine's permission for him to come. The heroine who is very angry and distressed with the hero's infidelity is in no way thinking to let the hero in her house again. So she conveys her displeasure to her friend, making sure it reaches the messenger or the hero, whoever has come seeking entry for the hero. The heroine says that her eyes have become dull taking the color of the water lilies' pollen, which is golden yellow color. Golden yellow color is used in poems to depict the heroine's eye color when she is distressed by the hero. The heroine implies that even though she does not want to talk about the hero's infidelity her eyes show that. She implies that the hero's actions have brought shame in the town. She mentions the air holes in the stem symbolizing the lack of love on hero's part, which made him go to the concubines. By her words to her friend the heroine tells clearly that she is not going to let the hero come inside her house. Infidelity is not going to be forgiven.

Words meaning: amma vazhi - listen dear friend,  nammoor - our town, poikai - pond, pootha - blossomed, puzhaikaal - stems with inner air holes, aampal - water lily, thaadhu - pollen, er vannam kondana - took the color of the pollen, edhilaalarku - for the hero, pasandha - dull, en kanne - my eyes

My English Version:
Listen, my dear friend! In our ponds
Lilies with holes inside stems bloom
Its pollen shade, my eyes have got
Owing to his disloyalty

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