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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Carp fish like eyes

You know my friend, I can forget him and go about my life, if only my eyes didn't become dull and dreary. But these eyes!!

Ainkurunooru 36 - Sung by Orampogiyaar
This Marutham thinai poem depicts the words said by the heroine to her friend, while the hero was listening. Its one out of the ten poems named as 'Thozhikuraitha pathu' meaning 'ten songs said to the friend'.

amma vaazhi thozhi ooran
nam maranthu amaikuvan aayin naam maranthu
ullaathu amaithalum amaiguvam mannae
kayal ena karuthiya unkan
pasalaikku olkaa aakuthal perinae

For this poem and explanation in Tamil, please visit this link.

Poem Meaning: Listen, dear friend! If my beloved from our town can forget me and live, so can I. But only if my kohl-lined eyes which look like the carp fish, don't become dull and dreary.

Description: The hero has been disloyal to the heroine, has gone to the concubines. After a while he wants to come and see the heroine. Either the hero comes himself or sends someone seeking the heroine's permission for him to come back. Knowing the heroine's mind her friend rejects the hero's proposal to come back.  
The heroine's friend admonished the hero that he had forgotten the heroine. Hearing that the heroine, tells to her friend that she too can forget and live. But her eyes which become dull and lifeless because of the disloyalty of the hero, make it hard for her. The heroine is scared that the people of the town would come to know about the hero's disloyalty from the sadness in her eyes. She did not want the people to know about it,  that she decides to let the hero in. The heroine uses the change in her appearance to let the hero come back. May be her love was deeper and forgiving than the fear about the community's  ridicule.

Words meaning: amma vazhi thozhi- listen dear friend, ooran - beloved from our town, nam maranthu amaikuvan - forget me and live, aayin - if so, nam maranthu - i too can forget, ullathu amaithalum amaikuvan - can live peacefully, mannae - only if, kayal - carp fish, ena karuthiya - look alike, unkan - kohl applied eyes, pasalaikku olkaa - not becoming dull in distraught, aakuthal perinae - if that can happen

My English Version:
Long live my dear friend! Listen!
If my beloved from this town
Can live forgetting me, I too can
If only my kohl-lined carpfish like eyes
Do not get pale and lifeless!

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