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Monday, February 23, 2015

Lasting bond

She desires not an acquaintance but an everlasting bond. Such is her love, so pure and true. Blue flowers might look like water lilies, but can't be the same.

Ainkurunooru 2, sung by poet Orampogiyaar in Marutham thinai (click here to learn more). This poem depicts the words as spoken by the heroine's friend(thozhi) to the hero(thalaivan).

"Vaazhi aadhan vaazhi avini
vilaiga vayale varuga iravalar
ena vettole yaaye yaame
pal idhazh neelamodu neidhal nigarkkum
thann thurai ooran kenmai
vazhi vazhich sirakka ena vetteme"

For the original poem and explanation in Tamil, click here to go to my Tamil site.

Poem Meaning: Long live the king! Let the fields abound in harvest. Let the poor come! So wishes mother and so do I. Let the relationship with the man, from the town with cool waterbodies where the multi petaled blue flowers appear like neidhal flowers (blue lilies), be strong and last through the years.

Description: Thozhi says to the thalaivan that the thalaivi wishes good for the country, for the harvest to be plentiful and the poor to come and get alms. The blue flowers which look like neidhal flowers symbolize the concubines. The thozhi implies that the thalaivan should get married to the thalaivi, her friend instead of meeting her in secrecy. She says that the thalaivi and herself desire that the relationship with the thalaivan to be firm which would last for years to come. By saying that the thalaivan is from a place with blue flowers which look like neidhal flowers, she implies that there are virtuous ladies as well as concubines in his place and that he should know the difference. Thozhi refers her friend, thalaivi as mother out of affection.

Words Meaning: Vaazhi - long live, aadhan, avini - words used to address Chera kings, vilaiga - grow, vayale - paddy fields, varuga - come, iravalar - poor and needy, ena - thus, vettole - wishes, yaaye - mother, yaame - myself, pal idhazh - multi petalled, neelamodu - blue flowers, neidhal -  water lilies, nigarkkum - look like, thann - cool, thurai - water bodies, ooran - man from such place, kenmai - relationship, vazhi vazhich sirakka - last for years,  ena - thus, vetteme - we wish

My English Version:
"Long live aadhan, long live avini!
Fields be fertile, poor be invited,
Thus wishes mother, so do I!
Petaled blue flowers look-like waterlilies
Man from such place with cool ponds
Lasting bond with him do we wish!"


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