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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

C'mon, get her married to her love

Ainkurunooru 28 Sung by poet Orampogiyar
It is a marutham thinai song depicting the words spoken by the heroine's friend to the foster mother.
Is the heroine's disease caused by the bad deity living in the drinking water well?

"unn thurai anangival urai noi aayin
thann seru kalavan varikkum oorarku
onn thodi negizhach saa-ai
men thol pasappadhu evankol annaai"

For the poem and post in Tamil, please click here.

Poem Meaning: If the heroine's disease is caused by the bad deity residing in the drinking water pond, then why does she worry for the man from the town where crab draw lines in the cool mud, such that her soft shoulders get pale and bright bangles loosen and fall off her hands?

Words Meaning: unn thurai - drinking water waterbody (might be well or pond), anangival urai noi aayin - is the reason for the heroine's disease, thann - cold, seru - mud, kalavan - crab, varikkum - draws lines, oorarku - man from such a town, onn - bright, thodi - bangle, negizhach saa-ai, loosens and falls, men thol pasappadhu - soft shoulders getting pale, evankol annaai - why mother

Description: This song is set in the premarital period. The heroine who is in love with the hero gets pale and weak yearning to get united with him. The foster mother thinks its caused by a bad deity living in the drinking water pond and so she thinks to call in the priest. The heroine's friend asks the foster mother that if the disease is caused by the bad deity, then why does the heroine get pale and weak thinking about the hero? She implies to the foster mother that the heroine is in love and that the foster mother should work towards the wedding of the heroine with the hero. The friend seems to say, "C'mon! She is in love!! Get her married to her love, the hero!"

My English Version:

"If the deity of the drinking water pond causes her illness,
Why does she get pale for a man from a town 
Where in cool mud crabs draw lines
And her shining bangles loosen and fall off, my mother?"


  1. Super Grace.. very nicely translated.. english poem is very nice

  2. very good work Grace... please continue.
    And more over.. why dont you try to put ending words with even-sounds (as well as 'sonnet')? In Tamil there are 'IRUTHI IYAIBU THODAI NAYAM.

    1. Thanks anna. Yes, I try that anna. The fact that one word from the original Tamil poem expands into more than one, makes it a little difficult while translating, taking care to keep the essence of the original one. So here I have the first and third lines rhyming, while I couldn't do for all the lines. But I will keep trying and learning more anna. Thanks for your suggestion and lovely comment.


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