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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Crab severs white sprouts

Ainkurunooru 29 Sung by poet Orampogiyar.
It is a marutham thinai song depicting the words spoken by the heroine's friend to the foster mother.
Why is she pale now that she had embraced him with love? Is it not because she yearns to get united with him?
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Ainkurunooru 29
"maari kadi kolak kaavalar kaduga
viththiya venn mulai kalavan arukkum
kazhani ooran maarbura maree-ith
thidhalai alkul nin magal
pasalai kolvadhu evankol annaai"

For the original poem in Tamil and its explanation please click this link to my Tamil blog.

Poem Meaning: When the guards hasten in the heavy rain, the crabs severe the white sprouts sown in the rice fields. Your daughter embraced the man from such a town. Why does she get pale with spots in her loins, my mother?

Words Meaning: maari - rain, kadi kolak - rain heavily, kaavalar - guards, kaduga - hasten, viththiya - sown, venn - white, mulai - sprouts, kalavan - crab, arukkum - severes, kazhani - field, ooran - man from that town, maarbura maree-ith - embrace, thidhalai - spots, alkul - loins, nin - your, magal - daughter, pasalai kolvadhu - becomes pale, evankol - why, annaai - mother

Description: When the guards hasten their job during heavy rains, the crabs severe the white sprouts of the rice. Likewise the hero had come to visit the heroine during rain eluding the guards in town. The heroine had embraced the hero from such a town with rice fields. The heroine longs to be united with the hero and in her sorrow she gets pale and weak, and gets spots in her loins. The heroine's friend tells the foster mother about this. She asks the foster mother, "Why is your daughter getting pale and weak that she had embraced the hero, my mother?". She implies that the heroine is in love with the hero and that she is getting pale longing to be united the hero. The friend encourages the foster mother to arrange for the heroine's wedding with the hero. The heroine's friend played a major role in the love life depicted in the sangam poems.

My English Version:

"Guards making haste, in the pouring rains
Crab severs the sown white sprouts
Having embraced the man from a town of fields
Getting spots in her loins
Why does your daughter get pale, my mother?"


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