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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

All in bloom, wedded life blossom

The town is all in blooms. Farmers reap the harvest. Its time for marriage, and I wish his wedded life flourish.

Ainkurunooru 3 

Sung by poet Orampokiyaar, depicted as the words said by the heroine's friend to the hero, in marutham thinai(click to know more about it).

For the original poem and explanation in Tamil, please click this link.

"vaazhi aadhan vaazhi avini
paal pala ooruka pagadu pala sirakka
ena vettole yaaye yaame
viththiya uzhavar nellodu peyarum
pookkangyal ooran than manai
vaazhkkai polika ena vetteme"

Poem Meaning: Long live the king! Let the milk be surplus and the oxen multiply more! So wishes mother and so do I. Let the married life of the man, from the town full of  flowers, where the farmers who had sowed reap the harvest, be prosperous.

Description: The heroine wishes a long life to the king. She also wishes that the milk be abundant and oxen multiply, meaning that she wishes that the country prosper. The heroine's friend says that the farmers who had sowed return with abundant harvest and the town is full of blooming flowers. She says that the married life of the man from that place should prosper as well. The heroine's friend indirectly wishes a prosperous happy married life for her friend, the heroine. She implies that the love between the hero and heroine should end in marriage as the sowing ends in harvest.

Words Meaning: vaazhi - long live, aadhan,avini - chera kings, paal - milk, pala ooruka - be abundant, pagadu - oxen, pala sirakka - multiply more, ena vettole - so wishes, yaaye - mother, yaame - I, viththiya - sowed, uzhavar - farmer, nellodu peyarum - return with paddy harvest, pookkangyal - full of flowers, ooran - man from such town, than manai vazhkkai - his married life, polika - prosper, en vetteme - we wish

My English Version:
Long live aadhan, long live avini!
Let milk overflow, the oxen multiply
Thus wishes mother, so do I!
The cultivator brings in the paddy
Man from that town all in bloom
May his wedded life blossom!


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