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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Wax ablaze

Ainkurunooru 32 sung by poet Orampokiyaar in marutham thinai. (click to read about it).
The poem depicts the words of the heroine to her friend while the messengers also were listening. They had come requesting permission for the hero to come to the heroine's house.

The Ainkurunooru songs numbered 31 to 40 are classified together as 'Thozhiku uraiththa paththu' meaning  'The ten said to the friend'. 31 to 36 are the words spoken by the heroine to her friend while 37 to 40 are those spoken by the concubine to her friend. Now let's go to the poem.

amma vaazhi thozhi makizhnan
orunaal nam il vanthatharku ezhunaal
azhuba enba avan pendir
thee uru mezhukin nekizhvanar virainthe

Please click this link for the original Tamil poem and explanation.

Poem Meaning: Listen, my friend! Long live my beloved! He came to my house just one day and I hear that his women cried for seven days like wax melting swiftly in fire.

Description: The hero has left the heroine and has lived with concubines for sometime. Now he wants to come to the heroine but is afraid to do so directly. So he sends his friend(s) as messenger(s) to talk with the heroine's friend and facilitate his entry to the heroine's house.  Learning about this, the heroine talks to her friend so that the messenger(s) could also hear. She says that the concubines cried like wax melting in fire for seven days when the hero had come to her house for just one day. Apparently the hero had promised that he wouldn't go to the concubines again, but has done so. The heroine is obviously furious at the hero and indirectly says that she cannot let him inside her house again. It could be possible that the hero himself came asking for the heroine's friend's help and that he listened to what the heroine had to say. The heroine implies that she is the one who would be upset if she doesn't see the hero for even one day. She says in a sarcastic way that the concubines would moan for the hero.

Words Meaning: amma - listen, vaazhi - long live, thozhi - friend, makizhnan - hero from the marutham land, oru naal - one day, nam - our, il - house, vandhadharku - for he came, ezhu naal - seven days, azhuba - cry, enba - they say, avan pendir - his women (concubines), thee uru mezhukin - wax in fire, nekizhvanar - melt, virainthe - swiftly

My English Version:

Let him live long, my friend!
My beloved visited our house 
For one day, and hence
His women, for seven days moaned
Swiftly melting like wax ablaze!


  1. தங்களின் மொழியாக்க செயல் வெற்றி பெற என்னுடைய வாழ்த்துக்கள்

  2. Nicely translated Grace.. Super 😊😊


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