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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Scatters flowers

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Long live my friend! In the lakeside
Where tall marutham tree scatters flowers
Ladies compete to possess his broad chest
Wearing cool garlands, My beloved 
Bathed with them all, they say 

 For the original poem and explanation in Tamil click here.

Ainkurunooru 33 - Sung by poet Orampogiyaar
amma vaazhi thozhi makizhnan
marudhu uyarndhu ongiya viripuum perunthurai
pendirodu aadum enba than
thann thaar akalam thalaithalai kolave

This is a Marutham thinai song, please click this link to understand marutham thinai and enjoy the poem.

Poem Meaning: Long live my friend! People say that in the waterside where the tall wide marutham trees scatter flowers, my beloved bathes with all the ladies who compete for his broad chest with cool garlands.

Description: The hero has been with the concubines for a while and now he wants to come home to his wife. Knowing that his wife would be furious with his behavior he approaches the heroine's friend and requests her to mediate. The heroine's friend too goes and tells the heroine that the hero wants to come home. The heroine denies entry for the hero saying he bathed in the pond with all the ladies who compete to possess his broad chest with cool garlands. She implies that let him be with them and that she is not going to let him in. She cannot forgive the hero's infidelity. The marutham tree scattering its flowers all over the place symbolizes the hero's association with many ladies. As the tree scatters its flowers genorously the hero scatters his love.

Words Meaning: amma - word used to get attention, vaazhi - long live, thozhi - friend, makizhnan - hero of the marutham land, marudhu - arjuna tree, uyarndhu ongiya - tall and wide, viripuum - scattering flowers, perundhurai - waterside/lakeshore, pendirodu - with the ladies, aadum enba - bathe they say, than thann thaar - his cool garlands, akalam - broad chest, thalaithalai kolave - possess for oneself

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